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Have you heard of
Simon Sinek?

He is the author of
Start With Why (2009)
His TED Talk on YouTube has had 54 million views. He discusses how we must know clearly what, but the larger picture is the why we do what we do.

Martin Luther King had a clear dream. He knew his why. What is your why?

Hill Cities why is answered by clarity of 2 things, our Mission and our Vision.

Our Mission: Serving men to go deeper with God and each other to fulfill their destiny. Once you uncover your mission statement it will be like finding “lightening in a bottle!”

Our destiny in Jesus Christ is wrapped up in this verse. Eph. 2:10- you have been created in Christ Jesus for good works which he has prepared beforehand for you to walk in them!

Our Vision: We see an ever-expanding network of spirit filled believers who are shining the light of Christ into their world and building the city on a hill!

Hill Cities now has 8 weekly gatherings of 80 men who are going deeper with God and each other. They are developing clarity around their “why.” We see this network of groups expanding into a very bright light in a time when this is so needed!

God builds with clarity and purpose. Did you know that God is the “architect and builder” of this city on a hill? (Hebrews 11:10) We are building believers with this vision!

Do you believe this is needed now? Please join us with your prayers and finances.

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